How Often Should I get Floating?

How Often Should I get Floating?

Floating is something you can do on a irregular basis. A float can certainly have a positive impact. You can maintain you daily life routine as normal and incorporating flotations becomes like exercising; If you do it on a regular basis, you’ll see many health issues will ease. Floating is the best way to gain a deeper insight and connect with yourself.

We at immortal Floats want to give everyone this opportunity! We want to offer floats on a regular basis so you can get this change in your life at a reasonable price. Our membership gives you one float in the month for $89. Give yourself a goal with a positive intention. Give yourself at least one hour of the month where you really let go of everything. Unleash the stressful elements of everyday life and get in touch with your inner peace. Take the challenge – one year with one float of the month and notice the difference.

Flotation for tight muscles:

Floatation therapy provides many health benefits that will allow you to engage in a more active lifestyle despite your pain. For instance, the presence of Epsom salts helps to raise your magnesium levels, which can ease muscle pain, balance your electrolytes, and promote your body’s ability to regulate insulin.

Floatation therapy has been used to treat and manage many different types of chronic illnesses, including scoliosis, fibromyalgia, depression, and other types of diseases that cause high levels of pain. Even if floatation therapy is unable to fully manage your pain, the emotional benefits of floating may be enough of an inducement to continue floating regularly. However, most floaters experience incredible improvements in regards to pain.