About Immortal Float Capsule

  • Uniqueness of Immortal Floating Capsule
    The unique feature of Immortal Floating is the Immortal Life Liquid (ILL), containing more than 106 different kinds of earth elements and a wide range of trace minerals essential for the human body.
    Through skin absorption, ILL permeate the whole body, providing immediate care and an auxiliary therapeutic effect.
    The testing done by All One Quantum Energy Research have shown that the highly concentrated mineral compounds of ILL, cause its outstanding density, even higher than the density of the Dead Sea.  Because of this, while floating in the capsule, the body sinks into a non-gravity state that immediately shifts the autonomic nervous system into a parasympathetic response mode. The heart rate slows, blood pressure and muscle tension decrease, the breathing pattern slows and deepens, brain waves shift into low frequencies, and the body restores into a state of calm.
    These allow the natural compensatory reactions of all systems to maintain homeostasis during the no-stress time of floatation, when the body naturally regenerates itself and maintains chemical and metabolic balance.
  • Key Elements of Immortal Floating Capsule
    To create deep sensory relaxation, there is a combination of key elements incorporated in the Immortal Floating Capsule:
    -oxygen circulation system;
    -UV LED light system that projects the color spectrum and sanitizes the capsule;
    -high-quality sound system for special sound effects that mimic a natural environment;
    -internal energy wave thermoenergy sensor designed to keep the most comfortable temperature for the human body.
    The Immortal Floating Capsule thermoenergy sensor device regulates the ILL temperature throughout the floating session, instantly responding to any changes in the body’s vibrations. The device simulates the cradle of life, creating the bio-energy waves similar to waves in a "womb" breeding environment. In a sense, the Immortal Floating Capsule is like a mother’s womb. ILL is like the amniotic fluid of the uterus, flowing around the human body and regulating the its organs and systems.
  • The enjoyment of Immortal Floating Capsule
    Floatation invokes the intuitive feeling that may be achieved through a long-term practice in yoga, meditation, acupuncture, or other energy techniques. However, the sensations triggered by Floating reach much deeper levels and are followed by incomparable restorative results. The 45 minutes of floating are equal to a deep sleep for eight hours.  No matter how tired, stressed, or tense is the body, its vitality is quickly restored and the body reaches deep physical and mental relaxation, and complete calmness.